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Pyr Babies 0 - 6 months

It all starts here

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Sariena Foley's; Zeus, BOB: February 14, 2000

Zeus232WEB.jpg (4409 bytes)zeus656WEB.jpg (3886 bytes)TamaraansZeus_WEB.jpg (5572 bytes)TandZeusWEB.jpg (5246 bytes)



Susan Irvings; Arkan's Jim Dandy (Seamus) And Tuatara's Jasmine Iguana (Jasmine) as puppies


Seamus__WEB.jpg (10286 bytes)aloneLaffing_pup_WEB.jpg (33324 bytes)

                                                            Awwwww!                laughing pup

And Jazz

jazz1.jpg (37981 bytes)


Dianne Migas of
Blue Steel Great Pyrenees wee one

Rivergroves Pardon Me Boys (Chatty)

Chatty_3_months.jpg (15363 bytes)Chatty4_months.jpg (60064 bytes)Chatty6months_chews_Gunner_7_years.jpg (15293 bytes)

  Chatty at 3 months            4 months               6 month's    

Chatty_3months_Gunner_7_years.jpg (74837 bytes)

                                                                                lounging with Gunner


Roz's adorable pup Mellow

Depot_Dog.jpg (99542 bytes)MalNball14wk.jpg (24057 bytes)HeyMoveOver.JPG (11637 bytes)

                                   Depot Dog       at 10 weeks       Mellow 5mths and Chundo


                                               Elaine Thomson's sweet boy Leo

30a.jpg (8243 bytes)  38a.jpg (13432 bytes) 

                                                 Leo playing ball          Leo and his dawg

 besta1.jpg (12720 bytes)

Leo making a new friend!!


Lisa Campbell's precious new puppy "Samson the Great" at 5 weeks

    Samson the Great_WEB.jpg (15220 bytes)  Samson the Great2_WEB.jpg (8978 bytes)

I'm coming HOME soon mom!


Jackie Wood of Tanimara Great Pyrenees puppies born Oct, 2002

The biggest and the littlest, can everybody say awwwwww!

            Big_little2.jpg (55149 bytes) 

Snow's litter of 15.  The small one did not make it past 2 weeks :(

But her big brother loved her, as did we.

washy_washy.jpg (26125 bytes)

Washy washy, gravy up here tastes good too.

  The Pick male Tanimara's Kodiak Moment "Kodiak" 11 weeks

See him all grown up on the 1-3 yrs page!

Kodiak3_ha_ha.jpg (18139 bytes)  Kodiak_gait_11wks.jpg (26404 bytes)  Kodiak2_Lake_Ontario_2003.jpg (33185 bytes)

in BraceBridge       and at Lake Ontario Canada

Kodiak_and_Me_2003.jpg (96464 bytes)

Tanimara's Merlin - sleeping on way home from Canada

Merlin_headed_home_2003.jpg (62835 bytes)

Tanimara's  Paloma and Kodiak

Todd2_Paloma_Kodiak_2003.jpg (70656 bytes)

Tanimara's Spirit Warrior


Doc and Laura Marquez of Prospect, TN. are the proud parents of "Wrangler"

Look how fast he's grown!


at 9 weeks with his bear and 16 weeks with the same bear!


Mindy's goofy boy Baloo!

                                            Busted...                   He loves it!


Jamie's pup's Sophie (on ground) & Dudley (her brother above)



My Zoey and all her Blue Steel Siblings at 8 weeks!


Rusty's gorgeous boy Shepherd and his pal Doey


The photo's contained in this album have been graciously donated to Regalia Great Pyrenees to share with all. They STILL remain the property of the original owners named, and are subject to copyright protection.

No photo may be copied or reproduced without the written consent of the owners

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