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Pyr Photo's 1year - 3years

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Pam Croy's ; Dusty- 22 months

Dusty_-_Lord_of_the_Ring.JPG (148374 bytes)       Dusty - Head shot.jpg (37969 bytes)      Dusty on guard_WEB.jpg (83746 bytes)

Dusty Lord of the Ring   What a face!               Dusty on guard

Dusty_on_guard3.JPG (390546 bytes)


Dianne Migas of
Blue Steel Great Pyrenees 

Rivergroves Pardon Me Boys (Chatty)

ChattyatNancys.jpg (70650 bytes)


Hans Roth of Glenroth Inn's

Bear, 2 yr old Pyr and Hamish McDuff, their 3 yr old West Highland White Terrier

              Img_01111.jpg (171142 bytes)                 Img_0109.jpg (138918 bytes)            

                 Friends                 Forever on duty, even if only through the window 


   Im0009141.jpg (126804 bytes)

            Are you coming? I know it is the right path!                                                  

     Img_0103.jpg (123285 bytes)

Here is Bear in his Western New York Kingdom. Undecided if to go for a late swim in the now frigid pond, or to frolic in the first snow.


Susan Johnson's funny girl Abigale, 2 years 

Abby 8-1-021.jpg (24121 bytes)


Doc and Laura Marquez's Pyr angel Honeybear

In loving memory

Jan. 21, 2001 - March 6, 2003



Sue and Billy Gardner are the proud parents of King Midas (touch of gold on his ears)


Being introduced to friends sheep...not bad for a city boy!


Walter & Tracy Nunley silly boy Harley!
Tanimara's Kodiak Moment at 1 year!
See his puppy pictures in the 0-6months page


The photo's contained in this album have been graciously donated to Regalia Great Pyrenees to share with all. They STILL remain the property of the original owners named, and are subject to copyright protection.

No photo may be copied or reproduced without the written consent of the owners

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