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3 Years and up

0-6 months                   7mths-1Year                 1 year - 3 years

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Pam Croy's Crew ; AnD, Susie and visit with her boy Dusty in the 1-3yrs page!

And_baby_makes_three_-_oval_WEB.jpg (27891 bytes) AnD_behind_table.jpg (37800 bytes) ANDSU1.jpg (11164 bytes) 

               All three                           AnD           Susie and AnD    

Pam_with_Susie_on_deck.JPG (63286 bytes) Susie_on_guard_WEB.jpg (12533 bytes) My_AnD_WEB.jpg (22267 bytes)

  Pam with Susie                        Susie            Pam with AnD



Susan Irving's Pups;  Tuatara's Jasmine Iguana (Jasmine) and Arkan's Jim Dandy (Seamus)

      Jazz and Seamus           Laughing pup             Seamus

       1Jazz__Seamus__Piano_optWEB.jpg (14286 bytes) Laffing_pup_WEB.jpg (16070 bytes) SeamusAugust2000_WEB.jpg (18287 bytes) 

            That's right! I'm a queen!   On the beach in P.E.I.  Out for a stroll                   

DCP_0792.jpg (38700 bytes) DCP_0399.jpg (27583 bytes) DCP_0982.jpg (92261 bytes)

        Making ourselves comfy              Hey there!                Seamus and Kelsea   

 DCP_0812.jpg (49178 bytes) kels  shame.jpg (135895 bytes)

Jasmine and Sheffield             Gotta love him!

Sheffield_aka_Platinum_and_Jasmine_WEB.jpg (10886 bytes)     Gotta Love Him2.jpg (10783 bytes)



June Campbell's lovely girl's; Pyr-Thorn Hill's Star of Laudley (Star), Leonberger puppy-Ida

Mvc-410f.jpg (86535 bytes)


Dianne Migas of Blue Great Pyrenees; Ch. Maranatha's Cold Blue Steel (Gunner) and Maranatha's Murphy's Moment (Murphy) and visit her  adorable Chatty on the 0-6 mth and 1-3 yrs pages!


Chatty_3months_Gunner_7_years.jpg (74837 bytes) Gunner_head_shot_8_yrs_old.jpg (33760 bytes)    

 Gunner at 7 and 8 years old  

     Murphy_girl_8nhalf_years_old.jpg (16539 bytes)  angelswhentheysleepat_the_National_01.jpg (74002 bytes)          

Murphy at 8.5yrs          Angels at the National


Ron and Sariena Foley's

Pyrview Turbo Charged- 7 years

004_3.JPG (23716 bytes)  018_17.JPG (37191 bytes)  020_19.JPG (36313 bytes)


Jackie Wood of Tanimara Great Pyrenees ,Tanimara's Beluga

Tanimara's Beluga.jpg (62787 bytes)


Tanimara's Winter Snow

Snow_headshot4.jpg (45668 bytes) Tanimara's Winter Snow.jpg (43091 bytes) Snow_sitting_sunrays1.jpg (87372 bytes)

       What A Beautiful head!        A very pregnant with a litter of 15! See the pups on the 0-6 month's page!

Tanimara's Dream Weaver full sister to Beluga - out of CH Barranca's Wallie and Ace's Song

Tanimaras_Dream_Weaver_2.jpg (52451 bytes)

Tanimara's Napolian Brandi out of Tanimara's Beluga and Tanimara's Freedom

Brandi_headshot3.jpg (15166 bytes)  Magic_Dakota.jpg (37317 bytes)

               Brandy                                         Magic - a rescue male  



André Gauthier's gorgeous girl Cleo



The photo's contained in this album have been graciously donated to Regalia Great Pyrenees to share with all. They STILL remain the property of the original owners named, and are subject to copyright protection.

No photo may be copied or reproduced without the written consent of the owners

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