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7 Months to 1 Year

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Susan Irving's; Arkan's Jim Dandy (Seamus) at nine months

SeamusAugust2000_WEB.jpg (18287 bytes)


Sariena Foley's Zeus at 10 months

Zeus999WEB_WEB.jpg (7345 bytes)My_PicturesZeus3_WEB.jpg (5035 bytes)Zeus0004_WEB.jpg (50203 bytes)Zeus0002_WEB.jpg (10979 bytes)


A PURELY PRICELESS photo of Gypsy at 8 months courtesy of Jeanne B.

2g121299.jpg (154587 bytes)

Got Mud??


Tanimara's Napolian Brandi 9 mo old here out of Beluga and Freedom
Brandi_lying.jpg (29489 bytes)


André Gauthier's gorgeous girl Cleo

at about 9 months of age waiting for her 'daddy' to catch-up

7 months old showing how well behave she can be when she wants to!

enthusiastic Cleo following a 'come' command

Finally, a close-up


Please welcome Tyler ...proudly owned by Karen Anderson and her family


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